DoDo Art Museum (Beijing)

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The Dodo Art Museum

Based on the subject of ecological humanism ,we make the public art truly communicate real life

to let the art organically integrate into public space

to let the art directly and effectively intervene in society

to let the exclusive artwork into the public for free

to let the art touchable, accessible, interactive

Discard concepts and find solutions

Creating new forms of public art from urban and rural

Creating new Pattern of Art Life from Urban and Rural

Dodo Art Museum

Dodo Art Museum was initiated by Chinese sculpture artist Liu Ruowang and invested by Guo Chuang Culture (group) Co., Ltd.. It is the first art museum in China that focuses its concern on the relationship between ecology, humanity and public arts, and dedicated to improve the coexistence between public art and urban/rural lives. The museum was founded in 2016 and is located in Xie Dao, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The museum building won the 17th Naples International Classical Culture Award for Architecture In 2017.

(the museum Covers an area of more than 40 acres, building area of 1000 square meters, indoor space 1800 square meters.)

Guo Chuang Group Co., Ltd.

Guo Chuang Group was established in 2002, whose main business covers cultural and arts, import and export trade, venture capital, logistics and other fields, with more than ten subsidiaries including Guo Chuang Technology, Guo Chuang Logistics, and Guo Chuang Culture. Guo Chuang Culture has founded or invested several cultural projects such as Dodo Art Museum, Jia Xian Art Town, and Art Warehouse, and has established cooperative relationships with a number of art institutions, with our products and services covering more than ten countries and regions around the world. We are dedicated to improve the cultural communication between China and the west, by presenting the best cultural products of China to the world and introducing world’s best cultural achievements into China.

Works in the First exhibition includes:

The Original Sin Series, Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water Series, Heritage Series; The Living Series and some print works.