Fang Weiguo

Rosie Wang Fine Art I  罗 西 艺 术

Fang Weiguo,also known as Xichan, born in Nanchang,Jiangx province,in 1965.Graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy , Stage Arts major, in 1988.Awarded the Senior-grade artist in The National Theater of China and the Master of Ceramic design of China.The member of the stage art design committee in 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony.The expert in the council of Shanghai CAEE Ceramic Arts Center.

The vice-chairman of Ceramic Artists Association of China in Shanghai.








Ceramic art is the compounds of  soil and fire.Glaze is a

vital part of Ceramic art pieces.

Colored glaze is increasingly becoming unique for it's brilliantly

colors and variable color effects.

It is formed by adding oxidized mental in the original glaze.

The color will be showed after baking, that is why it is called the

colored glaze.

By mixing various types of oxidized mental into the glaze, the color and effects will be turned out differently.

And by applying the colored glaze in the upright bottles or boards, the effect turned out seem s to be flowing slowly.

Different kinds of glaze can be combined together to react, the final result will be enterally changing and irreplaceable.

1987年 Come alone in Sydney-shanghai Relationship Youth Art Exhibition,Australia;

1989年 Oil painting in rice paper, silk dream series in Ancient Observatory Gallery , Beijing;

1990年 Oil painting in rice paper Tang individual art exhibition,Jinglun Hotel,Beijing;

1992年 Oil painting in rice paper Tang invitational Arts Exhibition of China,the Netherlands;

1993年 Oil painting in rice paper Silk Dream and Citizens Invitational Exhibition of The talented Chinese artists ,      France;

1995年 Stage design member of the Opening Ceremony in World Conference on Women,Beijing;

1996年 Tang series Fangweiguo Art Exhibition ,Hong kong;

1997年 Stage art member of the ceremony of The Return of Hong kong ,Beijing;

2000年 Silk Dream and Tang series Fang Weiguo Exhibition in International Art Gallery ,Beijing;

Citizens Modern Art Association Exhibition of China , The UK;

2003年 Citizens Modern Art Association Exhibition of China,Singapore;

2006年 798 Art Center and Modern Art Association Exhibition ,Beijing;

2007年 Oil painting Serenity and Chaos Modern Youth Art Exhibition of China ,Beijing;

2010年 Individual Art Exhibition in Jiangnan Art Gallery ,China;

2012年 Fangweiguo Xi Zen New Works Exhibition Jiangnan Art Gallery;

2013年 The Buddha states Ceramic and lacquer art exhibition, Beijing;

2014年 Moved by the Art three artists association ceramic works exhibition,Beijing;

2015年 First Biennial of China Ceramics Paintings,Jingdezhen,China;

2016年 Go with the road Modern Ceramic Art Exhibition ,Fuzhou, China;Shanghai International Ceramic Expo,  Shanghai;

2017年 Revelations:Biennale International Invitation Exhibition, Paris;

             Classic Exhibition of the 90th anniversary of the founding of Chinese Army,Nanchang;

             Art Water Cube Ceramic Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists, Beijing;

             Participate in the 2018 National Art Fund Jury members;