Rosie Wang Fine Art I  罗 西 艺 术

Solo Exhibitions

2018 “The Original Sin”--Liu Ruowang Art exhibition, Vaclavske Namesti Square, Prague, Czech Republic

2018  “The East is Red”--TLiu Ruowang Art exhibition,, NordArt, Germany

2018 “Wolves Coming!”--Liu Ruowang Art exhibition, Francois Mitterand Square, Quimper, France

2018  Liu Ruowang Art exhibition, Lorenzelli Arte, Milan, Italy

2017  “Ruowang·Living Things”--The 19th NordArt Art festival, NordArt, Germany

2017  Liu Ruowang Sculptures exhibition-- SØNDERBORG festival, The Danish Palace

2016  “Ruowang·Living Things” Liu Ruowang solo exhibition, Art factory, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China

2016 “Ruowang·Living Things”The overseas tour exhibitions of Liu Ruowang’s works of art. Germany—NordArt Germany

2016 “Ruowang·Living Things” The overseas tour exhibitions of Liu Ruowang’s works of art.

Beijing—Giri Beijing International Art Zone

2015 “Wolves Coming!” dialogue《 the mourning of Christ》 Venice Biennale—Access Naples Cultural Classic

“Wolves Coming!” dialogue with 《Kritik der reinen Vernunft》of Immanuel Kant ——University of Turin

2015   Liu Ruowang Sculptures exhibition, Fu Ren Academy

2014   “Heaven and Earth of the Loess”solo exhibition China federation of literature and art

2014   “The original sin”solo exhibition Changchun

2014   “From Human to Ape” - Liu RuoWang’s Sculptures Solo Exhibition–Beijing 798 Art Zone,

        3 Street,Honyo Art Center

2013   South Korea Cultural Exchange Exhibition Liu Ruowang solo exhibition – The South Korean parliament

2012   “Wolves Coming!” - Liu RuoWang’s Sculptures Exhibition – New Zealand Queenstown

2011  “Melody”Liu RuoWang’s Themed Suclptures Solo Exhibition - Century Jinyuan Yansha Museum, Beijing

2011  “Melody”Liu RuoWang’s Themed Suclptures Solo Exhibition - Beijing Jinbao Street 1949

2009   Burdened - Liu RuoWang’s Sculptures Solo Exhibition—49 Gallery, Beijing

2009   Humanist Appeal - Liu RuoWang’s Sculptures—Xingyi Gallery, Singapore

2009   Humanist Appeal - Liu RuoWang’s Sculptures—Bund No. 1, Singapore

2008   “Inquiries of Hevean”- Liu RuoWang’s Sculptures Solo Exhibition—Beijing No.1 Place Art Mansion

2008  “The World”- Liu RuoWang Themed Sculpture Solo Exhition—Loft3 Art Gallery, Beijing 798 Art District

2007  “Korea High East Art Museum – Liu RuoWang Solo Exhibition—Seoul, Korea

2007  “The East is Red”-Liu Ruowang Solo Exhibition–Singapore Xingyi Gallery(Beijing)

2006  “People Series II” - Liu Ruowang Solo Exhibition –Beijing 798 District

2005  “People Series I” - Liu Ruowang Solo Exhibition –Taiwan Bada Gallery(Beijing)

Group Exhibitions

2017   Armory Show, New York, USA

2017   Brazil Art Biennale, Curitiba, Brazil

2017   Rome Biennale, Rome, Italy

2017   Creation and Art - Exhibition for People's Liberation Army of China Ba Yi Museum, 2017

2014  “Creation”-Beijing Middle Aged Sculptors’ Art Exhibition—Chaoyang Museum of Urban Planning, Beijing

2013  2013 The Second Beijing 798 Art Festival- Artists Promotion Exhibition - Beijing 798 Metal Storehouse

2012   “Professors’ Way”·Group Exhibition of Research Associates and Professors from the Sculpture Branch of China National Art Institute——Beijing China National Art Institute Museum

2012   The 12th National Millitary Art Exhibition——China National Art Museum, award winner

2011   Invitational Exhibition of China National Art Institute——Guozhong Art Museum, Songzhuang, Beijing

2011   “Daybreak”-30th Anniversary Exhibition of China National Art Institute——China National Art Museum

2010   “Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water” - Liu RuoWang’s Sculptures Exhibition—Guanyintang Art Museum, Beijing

2010   “Majestic Momentum”- China Invitational Exhibition of Modern Sculptures——China Millennium Monument

2010   “Wolves Coming!” - 2010 Liu RuoWang’s Sculptures Exhibition —798 Originality Square,Dingfeng Art Space

2009   The May 4th Young Artists Exhibition-Hongwan Art Museum Exhibition Tour, Asia Art Center·

2009   “I Can Believe” - Beijing Fanxing Art Museum Invitational Exhibition—Beijing Fanxing Art Museum

2009  “China Motive Power”-2009 China International Sculpture Almanac Exhibition(CISAE)—Beijing International Sculpture Art District

2009   Sino-Korea Art Exchange Exhibition - Collision -Exhibition of Liu RuoWang’s Artworks

2008   “Floating” Sino-Korea Modern Art Exhibition along with Dingfeng Art Space Opening Exhibition—Dingfeng Art Space, Beijing 798 Art District

2008   2008 Asia Modern Art Exhibition —Singapore Art Museum

2008   798 Art Festival “Loft Outdoor Sculptures Show”— Dashanzi 798 ArtDistrict, Beijing

2008  “Future Sky”- China Contemporary Young Artists Nominational Exhibition” —China National Art Museum

2008  “Uproar of the Populace” - the 4th Songzhuang Art Festival Public Sculpture Exhibition —Songzhuang, Beijing

2008   Reply to “Asia”- Midland Invitational Exhibition of Modern Art——Henan Art Museum

2008  “China’s Stance” 1st China Sculptures Grand Exhbition——Exhibition tour to Xiamen, Beijing, Shanghai, and other cities

2008  “2007 China Documentary Exhibition of Contemporary Art” Themed Exhibition—Beijing Gehua Art Center

2007  “2007 Open Exhibition of Modern Sculptures” —Beijing Exhibition Center

2007  “Pictures of Yesterday Exhibition”—Beijng Sal Tree Flower Center

2006  “Art Beijing”- China Agricultural Exhibition Center

2005  “Survival Space-Behavioral Structure-Art Exhibition”—Beijing Guanghua International CBD Art Avenue

2005  “Peace and Prosperity-Grand Sculptures Exhibition”—Beijing Wangfujing Pedestrians’ Street

2005  “Yellow Sky, Deep Soil- Grand Sculptures Exhibition”—China Millennium Monument

2005  “the East is Red” for the CAFA “Light of the Academy” Excellent Works Exhibition

2005  Completed courses at the Assistant Professors’ Graduate Program of the CAFA

Liu Ruowang, a professional artist, is living in Beijing now.

He was born in 1977 in the mountain area of Jia Xian County of

Yulin district in northern Shaanxi province, which, as his

hometown,was one of the first areas accepted Catholic missionary

in China.‘Ruowang’, his given name, is homonymic to John,

the Catholic saints.

In 1996, he was admitted to learn in the clothing design department

of Xi’an Polytechnic University in Xi’an, later in 1998, he quitted

from the school because of willing to become a painter. He came to

Beijing in 1999 and studied the postgraduate course as teaching

assistant in Central Academy of Fine Arts from 2002 to 2005; in 2005, his artwork “The East is Red” participated the “Light of the Academy” exhibition of excellent artworks held by CAFA and was awarded.

Liu Ruowang is a young artist grew up after the Reform and Opening up of China, he walked into provincial capital city from a small poverty village in mountain of Western China through pursuing his education and later into the Capital of China, finally he became a professional artist.  He became a shining star in Chinese art circles since 2005 and with groups of sculpture artworks and one after another exhibitions, he became an influential young artist with international reputation. His artworks have been exhibited around the world in, except for Beijing, Shanghai and other Chinese inland cities, Singapore, Seoul of Korea, Queenstown of New Zealand, Venice Biennale of Italy, The University of Turin and other places. He has many series of representative artworks, including Original Sin, Wolves Coming, Heaven Soldier, The People, Melody, Dodo, and others.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, German President Joachim Gauck,New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, South Korea's parliament defense commission chairman Won Yoo-Cheol, South Korea’s deputy prime minister KIM BYUNG-JOON have all visited Liu Ruowang and congratulated his success in art.

In 2015, Liu Ruowang was awarded the Naples International Cultural Classic Prize of Italy. And his exhibition was commented as “One of Ten Exhibitions You Don’t Want to Miss ” by the local press.

In 2016, Liu Ruowang was invited to NordArt, Germany as Theme Artist of 2016, and his exhibition was awarded as The Most Popular Exhibition of NordArt.


“The East is Red Series”

Awarded and collected at CAFA “Light of the Academy” Excellent Works Exhibition

        Collected by Taiwan Bada Art Gallery

        Collected by Beijing Now Gallery

        Collected by Singapore New Art Center

        Collected by Hong Kong Qiaofu Group

        Collected by Taiwan Lianju Real Estate Company

        Collected in Paris, France

        Collected in Florence,Italy

        Collected by Nanjing Art Institute

“People Series”

        Collected by New Art Center of Singapore

        Collected by Bund No.1 of Singapore

        Collected by Beijing 1949

        Collected by Dongchong Art Museum of South Korea

“Guards of Honor”

        Collected by China Modern Art Foundation

        Collected in Milan,Italy

“Heavenly Troops Series”

        Collected by Beijing 1949

        Collected by Dingfeng Art Gallery of Beijng

        Collected by Huayi Brothers Media Group

        Collected by Institutions and individuals from Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Singapore, the Unites States, South Korea and Beijing

“Wolves Coming”

        Collected by The Hills Golf Club of New Zealand

        Collected by Qiaofu Group of Hong Kong

        Collected in Milan,Italy

“Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water Series”

        Collected by Beijing 1949 Jinbao Street

        Collected by individuals from the United States, France and Taiwan

        Award winner at China National Art Museum

        Collected in Milan,Italy

“Heritage Series”

       Collected by New Art Center of Singapore

       Collected by Qiaofu Group of Hong Kong

       Collected in Milan,Italy