Huang Yichuan

Rosie Wang Fine Art I  罗 西 艺 术

'YiChuan Jewellery' was founded by the designer Huangyichuan in Beijing in 2010. Signature of practicing with the Chinese ancient blue and white porcelain, creates the everyday wearable Contemporary art jewelry. With an appreciative mood, designer plays with classic, indigenous, artistry, these characters of the antique blue and white porcelain. Integrating modern Deco Art in design spirit, reinterprets the traces of time.

Once upon a time, Porcelain was the ingenuity of art, leader of the trend. After hundreds years’ vicissitudes, One girl picked up those residue pieces discerningly , dreaming to eternalise the beauty of this ancient oriental heritage - it is probably a most beautiful dream ever.

“Contemporary is Eternality”. Contemporary jewellery is no age restricted, neither should be confined by the materials. Jewelry is ultimately demonstrate the wearer temperament and personality style, thereby upgrading the personal tastes, as well as the spirits.

Starting from the design, materials selection, to the manufacture processing, all the pieces are completely hand made by the designer herself. “Yichuan jewelry” reincarnates the unique beauty and elegance of the Chinese ancient exquisite porcelain.